Terms and Conditions for Membership of the Slatecube Talents Network

The following terms and conditions are incidental to your membership of the Slatecube Talents Network. You are required to adhere strictly to them.

  1. As a member of the Slatecube Talents Network, you will receive both practical and theoretical training for the purposes of developing your skills and building professional experience.
  2. To this end, you are required to follow with diligence, the progress of your online courses on Slatecube by completing the tests and quizzes in your selected courses. Note that periodic evaluation of your progress may be conducted and it is imperative for this purpose that you remain on track.
  3. For your practical training, you will be attached to a Company as an intern for the duration of not less than 3 months and not more than 6 months.
  4. In that period, you will be in the employment of the company and you are required to comply strictly with the instructions of your supervisor regarding your duties as an intern, expected work hours and any other ancillary matters.
  5. You are expected to be of good behavior throughout the period as you represent Slatecube in that capacity. Careful attention must be paid to your dressing and overall presentation to ensure that you are smart and courteous.
  6. The details you have provided regarding your skill-set, education, and experiences are currently being verified. Any discrepancies with the information supplied and the actual state of affairs will be brought to your notice and if you are found to have been dishonest in any way, your membership of the Slatecube Talents Network will be revoked and you will immediately lose any privileges including employment in any organization you have been attached to.
  7. As an intern, you will receive a monthly stipend from the company which will be paid directly to you. Please note that Slatecube places a service charge of 20% on the stipend but this charge is deducted from the company and not the intern (you).
  8. If depending on your overall performance, and availability, the company desires to retain you as a full staff, your employment arrangements will be handled by Slatecube and you will be allowed to comment on the terms of employment.
  9. If you find them suitable and wish to proceed, Slatecube will provide you with a formal contract of employment prepared by the Company. Please note that Slatecube will place a recruitment charge on the employer for this purpose.
  10. Note that if you or the employer decide against an employment contract of which Slatecube is involved in, you are not allowed to be engaged by the same employer for a minimum of 10 months, after which your contract with Slatecube will be automatically discontinued.
  11. The Company is a reputable organization and you should expect to be well treated. If however there are any complaints arising out of unfair employment conditions or harassment of any sort, a formal notice of the fact should immediately be sent to Slatecube and the details therein reported with accuracy. If such complaint is verified, the company will be called to order and depending on the severity of the incident, you may be withdrawn from the company and thereafter reassigned within a reasonable time to another organization in a similar field.
  12. You are required to work throughout the duration of the Internship period and if for any reason you are unable to continue work, the Company and Slatecube must receive individual formal notices of the fact with reasons therein at least four weeks before the intended date of cessation. Failure to comply with this requirement will amount to a forfeiture of any outstanding stipend.

To indicate your acceptance of these terms and conditions, you are required to either click “proceed” or “continue” or “agree” in any part of the website that request your consent to this agreement, or sign this page of the document, scan, and send the same page to us via email to info@slatecube.com.

I, ____________________________________ agree to all the terms stipulated in this agreement with my excellent state of mind, without any prejudice and under no compulsion.